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about us




"Bemax" Ltd - Podgorica is a company registered for: crushing of aggregates and stone in order to obtain fractions of concrete and asphalt, for production of ready-mixed concrete mixture, realization of ground and reinforced concrete works, engineering services and investment in the construction of residential and commercial facilities and transportation.

At the locations "Botun", Municipality of Podgorica and "Zaton", municipality of Bijelo Polje, Bemax is exploiting river aggregate, with the aim of regulation of rivers Moraca and Lim.

On location „Mozura", Bar Municipality, company has installed the plant for the production of aggregate capacity of 300 t/h. Area of exploitation of the field is 144 hectares with a concession of 30 years and the possibility of exploitation of 8,543,700m3 of solid rocky soil mass. On location "Sadjavac, Municipality Danilovgrad, the company obtained the concession for 11 years. Area of exploitation of the field is 29.54 hectares and features of exploitation of 4,181,920 m3 of solid rocky soil in order to obtain aggregates for concrete and asphalt.

The Company has:

  • - 7 factories for production of concrete, a capacity of 560 m3 / h. Factory installed in Podgorica capacity of 150 m3 / h, Bar (Mozura) capacity of 150 m3 / h and 45-50 m3 / h, Buljarica capacity of 30 m3 / h, Tivat capacity 50-60 m3, 45-50 m3 capacity Zabljak / hi Bijelo Polje capacity 45-50 m3 / h;
  • - Asphalt base in Podgorica, with 200 t / h manufacturers''Benninghoven - guy,''3000U ECO Germany
  • - 3-line roller for asphalt;
  • - 7 facilities for crushing of materials, capacity 945 m3 / h;
  • - Heavy machinery over 30 tons, consisting of 24 excavators and bulldozers;
  • - Light machinery up to 30 tons, consisting of 26 excavators, bulldozers and loaders;
  • - 19 heavy rollers over 10 tons;
  • - 19 lightweight rollers, backhoe loaders and graders;
  • - 13 trucks;
  • - 28 automixers;
  • - 4 concrete pumps and a stationary;
  • - 60 lift trucks, tractors, cement cisterns and LV trailer;
  • - 20 other vehicles for transporting.


At present the Company has approximately 300 permanent employees and 200 seasonal employees, including professional staff which consists of: 10 (ten) graduate civil engineers (structural, transportation and hydropower direction), 3 (three) architects, three (3) graduate electrical engineers, three (3) civil engineers, 5 (five) geodesy graduates, two (2) geodetic engineers, one (1) graduate mining engineer, two (2) Mining Engineers, 20 (twenty) construction technicians, three (3) mining technicians , 3 (three) geometers.

In addition to these activities the Company is engaged in investment and construction of residential and commercial buildings and the construction of the road infrastructure.

In the reference list of the Company, attached is a list of derived objects, objects on which works are being carried out now and contracted works and objects that will run during this and next year.

Also, from the accompanying specification it is evident that the company has a large number of new construction machinery for excavation and transport of materials.